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Best Project Management is an organization focused on project and program management.

Best Project Management does not use five or ten point techniques, templates, cookbooks, or seasonal management fads to analyze and execute your projects. Instead, we take the approach that all projects are unique, and that the BEST way to execute them can only be found through the use of engineering, scientific, and managerial fundamentals, on a case-by-case basis. We guarantee that all our project managers have the skills to apply engineering, scientific, and managerial fundamentals, which do not change with time.

All our Principal Project Managers were first hands-on engineers, scientists, and managers, and then they became Project Managers. This ensures the execution of your projects by individuals that have mastered and successfully applied the fundamentals.

Please see the file below if you wish to know more about the foundations of the Best Project Management approach.

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We do not use cookbooks, templates, seasonal management fads, or ten point techniques to manage your projects. Instead, we rely on engineering, scientific, and managerial fundamentals.

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