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Why can't members of my organization manage projects themselves?

They can if they have the skills and the experience. Some organizations find that they do not have enough individuals with the right cross-disciplinary and project management skills, or do not want to take the risk of a critical project being late or over budget. 

Isn't hiring outside project managers more expensive than managing the project internally?

Probably not. Consider that projects are temporary by definition, and hence full time internal project managers might not be fully utilized all the time. An external project manager allows an organization to keep only the functional resources it can utilize at full capacity. The external project manager will leave the project when it is finished, and individuals from the functional organizations will return to their full time assignments. In addition, there is the supervision cost of the internal project managers, and the cost of the risk of not executing the project on time and under budget.

 Do you guarantee your results?

Yes. We guarantee the results agreed with the client. 

How come you guarantee your results when other companies do not?

Because our staff has above average engineering, scientific, and managerial skills, and the experience and confidence of running dozens of successful projects. We know what we are doing.


 What are your fee arrangements?

Depending on the client needs, we can charge a flat fee for the entire project, or we can bill on an hourly basis.

Can your project managers be hired in the middle of a project?

Yes (although we prefer to be hired at the beginning of a project to ensure the project starts right).


All projects are temporary, and full time internal project managers might not be fully utilized all the time. Or there might not be enough internal individuals with the right cross-disciplinary and project management skills to lead critical projects.

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