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Best Project Management exists to address these two

Project Management Needs:


Manpower Imbalances
Projects are by definition temporary endeavors. Teams are disbanded when projects are finalized, and team members then return to their normal assignments in their functional organizations. Not all organizations can have dedicated staffs of project managers to execute their projects, and those that do often find imbalances between the projects they must execute and the availability of project managers.


Difficulties Executing Projects
Worldwide, in all industries, most projects are executed late, over budget, or are abandoned before their completion*.



*. Reinventing Project Management. Shenhar, Dvir. 2007, p.5. The Anatomy of Major Projects: A Study of the Reality of Project Management. Peter Morris. 1990. p. 7. The Management of Projects, Peter Morris, 1997, p. 4-212.


Best Project Management

We exist to execute projects on time and under budget, and to provide organizations a reliable way to hire proven project managers.

Best Project Management

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